OProject has existed since 2005 and was run by Mr_Morden.

    OProject quickly became one of the most widespread and popular sites of its kind.

    When Mr_Morden stopped in 2007 he gave the project to Delium, CrAcKeR and GreXXL. They redesigned the site. In 2009, the operators announced that they would stop and that the site would be taken down if no one could find a new one. Thanks to the site's popularity, there have been many inquiries.

    From June 2009, OProjet had a new operator in Michael, although CrAcKeR had not completely disappeared.

    In January 2010 Michael also left and his right hand, Petty230, took over the project management.

    In November 2021, Petty230 turned over the management of OProject to TheAscendens. At first, he only made a few adjustments to OGame before he and his team redesigned the site from scratch, making OProjekt fit for the future.