• New Version - ( 2022-02-07 )

    WELCOME to the new version of OProject!

    We present you many innovations :-)

    There is a new signature, this contains your energy and can be adjusted in the graphic styler.

    You now have various tools in your profile:

    gravity calculator
    trading calculator
    (more to follow in the coming months)

    Under "About Oprojekt" you get an insight into OProjekt

    For the adventurous: You can unlock new features from development under Settings.

    You can find more information in the ChangeLog!

    Many greetings

    Your OProject team

    If you still find errors, write to us at

  • OProjekt is closing at 31/10/2021 - ( 2022-01-05 )

    Dear Community,
    After more than 10 years of "tenure" as project manager, operator and maintainer of OProjekt, I have decided to resign from my position and therefore no longer operate OProjekt. After I put a lot of sweat and heart and soul into the project in the early 2010s and was able to achieve many improvements for the OP project - including, among others. the redesign, better statistics, integration into the OGame API and much more - my commitment has steadily decreased over the past few years. Not only do I lack the time and the connection to OGame (I had already ended my phase as an active player when I took over OProjekt), I also notice how more and more functionalities "give up their ghost" due to a lack of maintenance. Last but not least, the advertising income can currently no longer cover the operating costs. Unfortunately, all previous attempts to inspire capable programmers for OProject and to keep the features alive have unfortunately failed. It is therefore logical to now draw the conclusion that it can no longer go on like this. Successor - application possible immediately Of course, if a capable and willing successor can be found, I will hand over the project to them in order to enable continued operation. Potential successors must meet the following requirements: PHP programming skills The ability to run a Linux server with an Apache web server, a MySQL / MariaDB database, and a letsencrypt service The willingness to take full responsibility for the project after a "trial period" of a few months, including an entry in the imprint, taking over the existing server, the existing domain and the care of the personal data of the users (e-mail addresses) Sufficient time to tackle the urgent problems (initially approx. 16 - 40 working hours depending on previous knowledge, later approx. 2 hours per month) The willingness to bear the costs of the project (approx. € 7 / month). The advertising income currently fluctuates between € 0.40 and € 3.00 / month. The willingness to conduct an introductory interview via video call (and later the induction) Interested parties can apply to When applying, please state your age and full name, your previous experience with regard to the above requirements and your motivation, why you would like to take on the project. If you have a résumé, you are welcome to attach it, but it is not a must. I will do my best to answer you within 3 days. If you haven't received any feedback by then, please remind me again via PN in the OGame forum to be on the safe side. How does it go from here? OProjekt will initially remain online until October 31, 2021 (the HTTPS certificate has unfortunately expired and cannot be easily renewed at the moment, which is why the website is currently displayed as "Unsafe"; this would have to be resolved by a suitable successor). If no suitable successor has been found by then, the OProjekt main page will initially go down on November 1st, 2021 and instead forward to this post. The user data and the server will not be deleted at this point in time; you will still have the opportunity to apply as a possible successor until December 31, 2021. If no successor has been found by December 31, 2021, all user data including the server will be deleted on January 1, 2022 and the website will go down completely. If, however, applications are received by December 31, 2021, the user data and the website will be handed over to him as soon as all acute problems have been resolved, so that the requirements for "relaunch" are met. Can you publish the source code under an open source license in case someone wants to continue later? Unfortunately, this is not possible because I do not have the exclusive copyrights to the source code and image material. However, if sometime later someone would like to relaunch an OProjekt, they are welcome to contact me via PM in the OGame forum. Basically, a successor could "FOSS" at least parts of the code in order to enable collaborative work by the community - but this also involves a significant amount of effort, since the source code has to be checked and checked in advance. Closing word Finally, I would like to thank everyone who worked on OProjekt, especially my colleague Max ("Assimilator"), who has kept the project alive through his active work in recent years - as well as possible without programming knowledge. I would also like to thank again those who have donated something to enable continued operation until today. Ultimately, a website also lives from its users, and therefore I would like to thank you for many years of loyalty. I am sorry that the time of OProjekt seems to be drawing to a close, but as the saying goes: nothing lasts forever :) Best Regards, Patrick aka Petty230
  • Welcome back to OProjekt! - ( 2022-01-05 )

    Dear Community, the server change has been completed and there is a new version of OProjekt :-) There are some changes: - The alliance class trader is now available! - There is no more advertising! - The calculation of the payback period should now work! - Incorrect functions have been removed. If you notice any errors, write to us at: Many greetings TheAscendens (Christopher)
  • survey - ( 2022-01-05 )

    Hi, While I was just doing a fix, thanks for reporting, a question came up: Currently, OProjekt does not calculate the consumption for the deuterium in the production of the deuterium. Should this be changed? I created a survey for this and let it run for a while: survey Thank you for taking part! TheAscendens (Christopher)
  • Update Survey - ( 2022-01-05 )

    Hi, While I was just putting in a fix, thanks for reporting, a question came up: Currently, OProjekt does not calculate the consumption for the deuterium in the production of the deuterium. Should this be changed? I created a survey for this and let it run for a while: Poll COMPLETED! 21: 3 I just installed a fix, from now on production will be withdrawn. Unfortunately, OGame rounds differently at a point not known to me and so the result deviates by 1 Deut depending on the foot level. I have also added a ticket tool where you can now submit your requests: Of course, you can still just write an email: Thank you for participating! TheAscendens (Christopher)